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5 Reasons To Get a Keurig for Your Dorm Room

When you’re a busy college student, coffee is your lifeblood. Whether it be for your early classes or a late-night study session with classmates, these drinks keep you active, alert, and performing to the best of your abilities. However, while you might buy your coffee from the nearby Starbucks every day, this is hardly the most effective way to get your fix. Read on to explore some of the top reasons to get a Keurig for your dorm room.

It Keeps More Money in Your Wallet

Those living in the dorms don’t typically have a lot of spare cash to go around. So, the idea of buying an appliance for your room might not appeal to you. But these machines can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of the semester if you’re a regular coffee drinker. A Keurig is a one-time payment, and K-cup packages contain several weeks’ worth of coffee. Because of this, you can still enjoy coffee as often as you want without as drastic of a financial impact.

Saves You Time in the Morning

Owning your own Keurig can also help you save time as you get ready for class. Morning classes can be especially grueling to arrive at on time, and your routine becomes much harder when it involves making a stop at a coffee shop. With one of these machines, you can prepare your coffee as you prepare and take it with you as you leave. This way, you’ll never need to skip your favorite brew just because you woke up late.

Allows You To Experiment With Flavors

Another important reason to get a Keurig for your dorm room is that it makes it easier to try new flavors and expand your tastes. K-cups come in several different pack sizes and assortments. This selection allows you to give several types of coffee a try to see if you can find a new favorite.

You Don’t Have To Go Out for Coffee

Additionally, Keurig coffee makers can give you an edge should you need to stay inside to study. With your own model, you can make your beverages in the comfort of your dorm room without needing to go out. This aspect is fantastic for keeping you warm in the wintertime and giving you more time to devote to your work.

Machine Maintenance Is Easy

Above all, you can clean and maintain your Keurig with ease. You can use these appliances several times before you must clean them, and rinsing them out with clean water typically does the trick. You won’t need to commit a large amount of time to keep the machine in good condition.

It’s important to us at 11th Street Coffee that you always have access to your favorite blends to try or share with friends. Our selection of Keurig pods comes from a wide variety of premium coffee brands, and we carry a multitude of flavors. Whether you’re looking for something rich or sweet, we have just what you need.