A refreshing cup of coffee each morning can help you get a great start to your day. The convenience of a Keurig machine means making a tasty cup of coffee is even easier when you wake up. Getting your coffee fast and effortlessly doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the flavor and quality of your brew. Here are ways to get the most out of your K-cup coffee and improve the taste of your morning brew.



Clean Your Machine

Coffee lovers can start to improve their Keurig's output by regularly cleaning their machine. Each part of the machine should get regular cleaning whenever possible. The water filter cartridge should get cleaned about once every two months, and the inner parts of the machine can get attention every three to six months. One way to remove the mineral buildup inside of the machine is to run a cycle with white vinegar instead of water. Afterward, be sure to run a few cycles of water to get rid of the vinegar taste.



Use Coffee Grounds

Another way to get your coffee just the way you like it is to use your own coffee grounds instead of a prepacked pod. K-cups offer coffee enthusiasts many different types of coffee drinks, but if you just want a simple, smooth cup of coffee, you may want to get whole beans and grind them fresh. Use the machine's coffee ground pod setup to get a custom, freshly ground tasty cup of coffee.



Select the Lowest Pour Setting

An additional tip that may help you get a stronger brew is to opt for the lowest pour setting when making your cup of coffee. The brew settings on your machine don't change the amount of coffee grounds you'll get. What they do change is the amount of water that your cup of coffee is made with. Choosing the larger volume settings for your pour adds more water and ends up diluting the coffee taste.



Choose Different Varieties

You can also customize the exact flavor experience you'll get with your morning brew by choosing different varieties of K-cup pods. K-cup pod companies offer endless combinations of flavors and many types of coffee drinksThere are K-cup options such as different roasts, flavor profiles, hot chocolates, teas, cappuccinos, and more. 

Do a Cleansing Brew

Keurig owners also report that a cleansing brew between uses may also help improve the quality of their drinks. If your Keurig gets heavy usage between all of the different members of your family, it may make sense to give your machine a little reset between uses by running a hot water brew before setting up your own cup of coffee. This can help remove any leftover taste or residue from the previous user's drink.



Add a Second Pod

For those who love a strong cup of coffee, a second pod may help strengthen their brew. For most average coffee drinkers, a single pod should be enough to get the right flavor and strength for their morning cup. Those who need a stronger, bolder tasting cup of coffee can choose to customize the level of java they get by using two pods instead of one. Some have found brewing two pods right after each other at the lowest setting for one cup of coffee gives them more flavor.



Choose Bolder Roasts

If the coffee that comes out of the Keurig is still tasting a little weak, check out the roast details and make some adjustments. Light roast coffee pods may not be enough for some coffee drinkers who like a little more oomph. Instead, go for a darker, bolder roast when making a morning cup of joe.



Opt for Recyclable Pods

Lastly, no matter what type of coffee style you choose, make an effort to select pods that can be recycled to help reduce the amount of waste you produce. Some K-cup companies are working to make the pods easier to recycle. The standard K-cup product can actually be recycled in most cases. Drinkers may need to peel off the foil top and remove the coffee grounds first before recycling the plastic reservoir cup.



If you love the convenience and ease of the Keurig machine but miss the bespoke craft brew from your favorite coffee house, there are several ways you can improve the quality of your morning cup. Choose your custom coffee brew from the selection at 11th Street Coffee today and make your daily dose of java delicious.

December 07, 2022 — DigitlHaus Agency