It's the second month of quarantine and social media has responded with viral posts ranging from push up challenges to "Don't Rush" videos on Tik Tok and Instagram. One can hardly scroll down their social media timeline without viewing another millennial succumbing to the previously Gen Z Tik Tok craze. However, on a more savory spectrum, photos of freshly baked sourdough bread and two-toned coffees have brought a mouth-watering distraction from the dismal news pouring in from every side. 

Hankering to try some popular quarantine treats? Here's how to make perfect types of coffee drinks while you're social distancing. 

Iced Coffee

As the weather begins to warm and the trees begin to flower, you may start craving your favorite summer brew. But without the local coffee shop fueling your caffeine addiction, how will you be able to get your iced coffee drinks fix? Luckily, a DIY brew requires only a few ingredients—high-quality types of coffee beans, sugar, vanilla extract and milk. 

Make a simple syrup by combining the sugar and water over medium heat. Once the sugar has dissolved, mix in the vanilla extract and set aside. Brew the coffee the night before and whip up a large batch of simple syrup ahead of time so you can have one of your favorite cold coffee drinks whenever the craving hits. 

Dalgona Coffee

In early March, Tik Tok user Hannah Cho posted a 15-second clip of her making a gorgeous coffee concoction. The clip went viral and has been viewed over twelve million times and whipped coffee soon became a social media staple. While making this whipped dalgona coffee might take a little longer than your standard brew, it's a tasty and caffeinated way to spruce up another day of social distancing.  

All you'll need for this two-toned concoction is some instant coffee, sugar and hot water. Whip together for a long time and watch as the mixture transforms from foamy to frothy. Spoon the fluffy caramel-colored blend over a cup of iced milk. 

Then, take some photos for the 'gram before diving in to enjoy your creation. 


While the weather might be warming up outside, there is never a bad time to enjoy your favorite warm and frothy latte. Even without a latte or milk foaming machine at home, you can still whip up the perfect foamy concoction. This will work best if you already have an espresso machine. However, if you don't, you can make some strong coffee with a french press or Keurig.  

To create the foam, pour some milk into a sealed jar and shake until thick. Then, pop it in the microwave for a few minutes to create layers of gorgeously frothy topping. 

A Great Cup of Joe

While you might love trying various popular coffee varieties, there's something to be said about the classic cup of Joe. There are many techniques on how to make good coffee, but all of them begin and end with the coffee beans. High-quality beans paired with an exceptional roast will create a cup of joe you'll dream about for the rest of time. 

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what you use to make your coffee—it all comes down to preference. Some coffee connoisseurs swear by their French press, while others prefer their grinders or just a simple coffee pot. However, the following steps will ensure your coffee is brewed to perfection, no matter the method. 


  1. Use cold and filtered water.
  2. Measure your coffee. Use two tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water. 
  3. When heating your water, aim between 195 and 205 degrees. Boiled water will heat up to 212 degrees, which will be too hot for your coffee. 
  4. Use a clean filter. 
  5. To get the most flavor out of the coffee, stagger when you pour the water. Stop when the grounds begin to get puffy, let the water trickle down for 30 seconds, then pour some more.
  6. Drink your freshly brewed coffee as soon as it's done. Don't let it sit around all day. 
  7. While coffee may be essential to life, it's a tricky concoction to get exactly right. Luckily, you probably have lots of time on your hands in order to perfect your favorite recipe. Whether you prefer your coffee in the form of a simple cuppa or a two-toned masterpiece, make sure you have enough grounds to keep you caffeinated and positive as you stay home and stay safe. 


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December 06, 2022 — DigitlHaus Agency