French roast and dark roast are two of the most popular coffee options on the market. However, it’s common for even experienced coffee drinkers to confuse them. When you can identify which is which, you can shop smarter for your coffee and ensure you’re getting the right one for your tastes every time. We’ll explore the differences between French roast and dark roast coffee and help you choose between them.

Appearance and Color

The first qualities to know about are the appearance and color of their respective beans. French roast beans are typically very dark, nearly black, with an oily sheen, while dark roast beans are a little lighter. Though the difference isn’t significant, it’s often substantial enough to distinguish the two as you shop around.

Roasting Time

How long you roast coffee beans makes a difference in both their taste and texture. French roasts undergo a longer roasting process, usually a few minutes after the second crack. This process gives the beans a smoky, robust flavor that can be too strong for some drinkers. Dark roasts, on the other hand, stay in the oven for a slightly shorter time, just until the beginning of the second crack. This produces a more moderate and balanced flavor, making it a great option for those who prefer a smoother cup of coffee.

Caffeine Content

It’s a well-known rule that roasting greatly impacts the amount of caffeine in coffee blends. Lighter roasts retain the most natural caffeine from the bean, while darker roasts contain significantly less. Because both French and dark roasts only slightly vary in roasting time, though, their respective caffeine levels are about the same.

Overall Taste

The most important difference between French roast and dark roast is their flavor. As we mentioned earlier, French roast beans have a bolder and smoky flavor that can be a bit overwhelming for some. Dark roast beans have a balanced, earthy taste with subtle notes of chocolate, nuts, and caramel. Therefore, if you're looking for something strong, French roast is the perfect option. For those who prefer their coffee to be slightly less intense, dark roast coffee is the way to go.

Both French roast and dark roast coffees have unique flavors and characteristics that appeal to different types of coffee lovers. Choosing the right roast for you is ultimately a matter of individual preference. Whether you need a strong, robust cup or a smoother and milder coffee, shopping with 11th Street Coffee can ensure you find the perfect blend. We have a series of dark roast K-cups, among many other roasts and flavors. No matter what you want, we make buying your favorite coffee easy and affordable.

February 01, 2024 — DigitlHaus Agency