As popular as coffee is, not everyone enjoys some of the bitterness that comes along with a standard cup of joe. Unfortunately, this limits the number of options some individuals have when trying to find an energizing beverage for their morning routine. Fortunately, one of the things that makes coffee so great is that it’s versatile, allowing you to alter its flavor to meet your specific preferences. So even if you’re not a fan of how basic coffee tastes, you can still take advantage of its benefits. Here are some coffee flavors for people who don’t typically like coffee.


Caramel is a popular flavor that blends well with coffee, providing a sweet, silky taste without the extra bitterness from the beans. A caramel latte, for example, is a tasty option for coffee newbies, incorporating caramel syrup and steamed milk for a creamy texture and dessert-like taste. The toasty notes of caramel bring an added warmth to your morning brew without losing the essence of coffee.


Vanilla is another popular flavor that complements coffee. This flavor also adds some sweetness, lighting up even the deep richness of dark roasts. While vanilla won’t fully overpower the bitterness of coffee on its own, lots of additional ingredients mesh well with this flavor. Coconut and cinnamon are both great options for hiding the underlying acidity of coffee and leaving you with something you’ll enjoy.


Who doesn’t love a bit of chocolatey indulgence first thing in the morning? Mocha is a delightful flavor made by adding chocolate syrup to the coffee. It delivers the soothing taste of your favorite dessert while making the coffee take on more pleasant, smokier notes. Mocha lattes are particularly popular for their rich, sweet flavor. By combining this mixture with steamed milk, you can dilute some of the extra acidity of the espresso base.


Cinnamon is a beloved spice that you can sprinkle over your coffee or even make into an indulgent syrup. This adds warmth and a delightful cinnamon aroma while also reducing the bitterness of the coffee. A cinnamon roll latte, which uses cinnamon syrup and added cream, is an excellent option for those who want the caffeine kick of a cup of coffee without other less desirable background flavors.


Another noteworthy coffee flavor for people who don’t like coffee is hazelnut. Hazelnut makes coffee taste creamier, much like a silky mousse. The full-bodied extract will add some texture to the coffee, distracting from any aftertastes you find unpleasant. Just like vanilla, hazelnut is also very subtle in flavor, and you can add a series of additives to strengthen the taste.

Coffee is a beverage that millions worldwide love. But for non-coffee drinkers, the bitterness can be overwhelming and difficult to enjoy. However, there are countless flavors that can add a twist to the beverage, allowing everyone to enjoy its benefits. At 11th Street Coffee, we offer a series of different coffees, including our holiday blend K-Cups, that allow you to craft the perfect drink for your preferences.

February 12, 2024 — DigitlHaus Agency