Even when you know how much coffee you typically consume in a day, it’s still common to end up with some left over. Whether it’s because you brewed too much or simply forgot to finish it, you might end up throwing out a lot of unused coffee. However, you don’t have to waste the rest of this beverage. In fact, you can turn it into something new that’s just as tasty as your fresh cup of joe. Here are five things to do with leftover brewed coffee that’ll have you making more on purpose.

Coffee Ice Cubes

One of the easiest and most practical uses of leftover coffee is making coffee ice cubes. Simply pour your extra coffee into an ice cube tray and freeze it. This is premium trick for making iced coffee, as there’s less water in the cubes to dilute your drink when they melt. The next time you’re craving an iced coffee, just pop some of these cubes into your cup and you’ll have a delicious drink that won’t taste watered down.

Coffee Smoothies

Adding a splash of your leftover coffee to your morning smoothie can give it an extra kick of caffeine and flavor. Just make sure the coffee is cold before blending it with the rest of your ingredients. You can also add some ice cubes for a frosty treat on a hot day. Have fun and experiment with several different recipes to find the perfect match for your tastes.

Coffee Syrup

Making coffee syrup is easier than you think and it’s a great way to add some flavor to your desserts or morning pancakes. Mix equal parts sugar and brewed coffee in a saucepan over medium heat until the sugar dissolves and the mixture thickens. Let it cool and store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Coffee Marinade

Another thing you can do with leftover brewed coffee is add it to your dinner plans. If you’re a fan of cooking and grilling, you can use your extra coffee to create a delicious, flavorful marinade for meats. Add brewed coffee to your favorite marinade recipe and let your meat soak in it for a few hours before grilling. The coffee will add a rich, smoky flavor to your dish.

Coffee Soap

Did you know you can even make things besides food and drinks with brewed coffee? While this might sound strange at first, adding coffee to homemade soap can actually provide some great health benefits. The caffeine in coffee can help stimulate the skin, giving it a bright, healthy glow.

As it turns out, you don’t need to waste those extra few ounces of coffee. These ideas not only minimize waste but also allow you to try out something new and exciting. So, even if you happen to brew one too many of 11th Street Coffee’s medium roast K-cups, there’s still plenty of joy to get out of the experience. Shop with us today to find the perfect coffee for your tastes.

January 25, 2024 — DigitlHaus Agency