Decaf coffee has a somewhat infamous reputation, but it’s no longer the tasteless, watered-down brew that many people often expect. In fact, in many cases, decaf coffee blends can be better for you than their fully caffeinated counterparts. Simply removing the caffeine can give this type of coffee several additional advantages when it comes to protecting your day-to-day comfort and health. Here are five incredible health benefits of decaf coffee to know about.

High Amounts of Antioxidants

Coffee beans are naturally high in antioxidants and other nutrients that aid the body in preventing illness and promoting healing. Antioxidants fight inflammation and keep harmful viruses at bay. Even though the process of removing caffeine from coffee can impact some of the ground’s chemical makeup, it doesn’t remove anything other than the chemical in question. Therefore, you’re still getting the same amount of beneficial nutrients in every cup and supporting an overall healthy body.

Reduced Caffeine Jitters

It’s no secret that caffeine can cause midday crashes should you ingest it in larger quantities, and this can greatly affect your comfort. From headaches to nausea to fatigue, caffeine jitters can impact our health in a series of ways, and none of them are pleasant. If you want to prevent these symptoms and keep yourself feeling great throughout the day, we recommend giving decaf a try.

Fewer Stomach and Digestion Issues

Caffeine can also be particularly harsh on people with sensitive stomachs or digestive issues. People with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are especially at risk for flare-ups following a fully caffeinated cup of coffee. Reducing your caffeine intake by drinking the occasional cup of decaf will prevent irritation along the stomach lining and stop discomfort in its tracks.

Fewer Acid Reflux Flare-Ups

Another incredible health benefit of decaf coffee is that it can help prevent acid reflux following your meals. As we stated previously, caffeine irritates the stomach lining, causing nausea and digestive issues. This is also what triggers acid reflux in many people. Because of this, cutting out the extra grams of caffeine can do a lot to prevent this uncomfortable occurrence.

Improved Length and Quality of Sleep

Above all though, decaf will help you better reenergize and refresh yourself for the next day. Caffeine is great for waking us up in the morning, but it can also keep us awake for much longer into the night. Therefore, partaking in decaf, especially later in the day, is a great way to preserve your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. In turn, this will provide your body with the energy it needs to heal, maintain your focus, and keep you healthy.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about finding subtle ways to support your body’s well-being. Making the switch to decaf coffee is one such way. 11th Street Coffee carries a wide variety of decaf K-cups for you to pick from, many even including popular teas in addition to coffee. Browse what we have in stock today!

June 09, 2023 — Dalvin Warmack