Using Keurig coffee makers, people have a reliable and practical way to craft their morning beverages. However, even these durable machines can have their own slew of problems over several months of regular use. Understanding some of these issues can go a long way in troubleshooting them and ensuring your device continues performing correctly for several brews to come. Here are some easy solutions to five common Keurig problems.

Buildup and System Clogging

As you run your Keurig, the system pumps water from the reservoir, through the K-cup, and into your mug. But unless you use distilled water in your machine, this water contains a slew of minerals that can build up in the main line over time. Buildup stops liquid from pumping through, affecting your Keurig’s ability to brew a quality cup of coffee. So, if it seems to run slow, consider descaling the device by running it through with a water-and-vinegar solution.

Water Line Leaks

The water line in your Keurig can also sustain leaks. This, too, can come from mineral buildup and system clogs, though you’ll need to approach fixing it in different ways. Check the exit needle in the K-cup chamber for clogs and fish it out with the end of a toothpick. You should also check the bottom of the water reservoir to ensure there isn’t a leak there as well.

Failing to Heat

There are several reasons why your Keurig could fail to heat properly. But the most common cause is an issue related to the water pump. These coffee makers use sensors in the water line to tell the heating element when to work. So, if your water line sustains a blockage, the heating coils won’t turn on. Usually, descaling your Keurig does the trick. But reach out to customer support for additional advice should the problem persist.

Automatic Shutdown

Another easy solution to a common Keurig problem has to do with the automatic shutdown feature. All Keurig models have an automatic on-and-off feature to help conserve energy during the rest of the day. When not set properly, though, this can cause the machine to turn off as you’re going to use it. Simply go through the device settings and set the timers to the correct on/off frequency. You can also choose to deactivate this function entirely.

Incorrect Water Sensor

Keurig machines also have a sensor in their water reservoir that indicates when you need to refill them. But this sensor can give a faulty reading when mineral buildups block it, preventing you from starting the brewing process. Simply empty this attachment, and give it a thorough clean to remove these materials and keep the sensor working as needed.

Once you know some effective troubleshooting techniques for your Keurig, you can fix issues when they arise and make the most of your device. As a K-cup retailer, 11th Street Coffee wants you to have a superior brewing experience every time you start up your home coffee machine. Whether we're providing you with premium coffee pods from top brands or giving brewing advice, we devote ourselves to getting you a great-tasting cup of joe every time.

June 23, 2023 — Dalvin Warmack