If you don’t consider yourself much of a coffee person, tea is another great beverage that can energize you for a day of greatness. Available in a wide range of flavor combinations, there’s no shortage of ways to craft your ideal drink when working with these blends. However, making tea in a single-serve coffee maker looks different than using a standard coffee K-cup. So a bit of advice can be useful for making the most of the process. Here are some piping hot tips for making tea in your Keurig to keep in mind.

Use a Perfectly Measured K-Cup

If you’re a hardcore tea enthusiast, you’re probably familiar with the process of measuring out your looseleaf teas for steeping. This step takes several minutes, and accidentally mismeasuring your quantity can drastically offset the finished drink’s flavor. By using tea K-cups, you no longer have to measure out the tea leaves on your own. Each pod contains the perfect amount for a single serving, and you don’t have to break out the kitchen utensils. Just pop the pod in the machine and you’re good to go!

Invest in a Reusable Keurig Pod

Not all types of tea are mass-produced in K-cup form. Therefore, you may need to put together a custom pod of your own. Reusable K-cups are great for minimizing waste from frequent Keurig use, and they allow you to fill them with any blend you want. Simply take your preferred tea bag, remove the tag, and crumple it into the pod. Make sure you spread the leaves out evenly in the chamber so the water permeates as much of the tea as possible. Then, insert the pod and brew as normal.

Keep Ice at the Ready

Another effective tip for making tea in your Keurig is to ensure you have ice within reach should you want to change things up. Iced teas are incredibly popular, especially during the hot summer months. Best of all, the creation process doesn’t change aside from adding ice to your glass before you brew. You can still use your K-cup or tea bag of choice, and all you need to do is set your amount and press a button. With a bit of ice on hand, you can create something truly refreshing in seconds.

Rinse Your Machine After Running

We also want to note that you should always run your machine with clean water after brewing with tea. Some remnants of the leaves can stick around in the system, and rinsing is the best way to prevent flavor mixing or transfer when you brew something else. Rinsing also keeps your machine clean for longer and reduces harmful material buildup.

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June 07, 2023 — Dalvin Warmack