Vanilla Infused Honey


Throwback to childhood memories, for ages, the Vanilla Bean has been used for its calming effect.  Favorite in ice cream, the Vanilla Beans have a sweet, perfumed aroma with a woody or smoky flavor.    When added to our delicious organic honey, the combination creates light, sweet, and pleasant flavors that leave your taste buds wanting more. 

Used straight out of the bottle or in your favorite recipe, our Vanilla Infused Honey will surely please.

Shipping and Returns

It's simple If you try it and you don't like it, SEND IT BACK! Yup that's right, box it up with a copy of the invoice and a note of what you would like to exchange it for and we will replace it even after you opened it and tried a cup or 2. We stand behind the products we sell and most of all we stand up for each and every one of our AWESOME customers. Enjoy!