The Original Donut Shop Iced Cookies + Caramel

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24 Count Box
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Sweet cookies and gooey caramel flavor are great on their own, but together they’re even better … and a whole lot cooler! The Original Donut Shop® Coffee Iced Duos® Cookies + Caramel coffee blends two flavors that complement each other and the roast of the beans, giving you a uniquely delicious experience in every cup. We blend the fresh-baked flavors of sugar cookies and buttery caramel that come together in a sweet duet of delicious, perfectly roasted harmony that’s chilled to perfection when served over ice. It’s the cookies and “dream” combination come true! These medium roast, caffeinated K-Cup® pods are engineered for guaranteed quality. Each Iced Duos® K-Cup® pod is compatible with any Keurig® single serve coffee maker and designed to stand up to ice. To brew an iced coffee, fill a large tumbler with ice. DO NOT use glass. Brew on the 8 oz size or use the Strong or Iced button, if available, for bigger flavor. Add milk, sweetener, and more ice to taste, if desired, and enjoy! 

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