Snapple Naturally Flavoured Fruit Beverage Mango Madness, 16oz, 12-Count

$24.98 $35.99
12 - 16 oz Bottles
Price Per Item: $2.08
By 7up

  • NEW LOOK, SAME GREAT TASTE : We’ve got a new look and a new bottle that is recyclable and made from 100% recycled plastic (excludes cap and label)
  • FLAVOUR: Enjoy the great taste of Snapple Mango Madness any time of day knowing you’re getting a great-tasting drink made with natural, high-quality
  • QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Our teas, juices and lemonades are made with only the highest quality ingredients
  • ALL NATURAL: Snapple juices are caffeine-free, low in calories and contain no artificial flavors
  • TRUSTED BRAND: We started selling our apple juice to health clubs in 1973 and have since diversified our flavor portfolio into teas, fruit juices and lemonades
Shipping and Returns

It's simple If you try it and you don't like it, SEND IT BACK! Yup that's right, box it up with a copy of the invoice and a note of what you would like to exchange it for and we will replace it even after you opened it and tried a cup or 2. We stand behind the products we sell and most of all we stand up for each and every one of our AWESOME customers. Enjoy!