Green Mountain Chocolate Dipped Pistachio

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24 Count Box
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Discover a smooth and vibrant celebration of springtime delight in every sip. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® Chocolate Dipped Pistachio flavored coffee makes the spring season sing, with its naturally flavored blend of smooth pistachio and sweet milk chocolate perfectly balanced in delicious harmony. Alive with a cheerful chocolatey taste and nutty aroma, this lively and flavorful variety is a delightful way to invigorate your senses and brighten up any spring day. But just like the season itself, it’s only around for a limited time. Every Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® K-Cup® pod is filled with freshly ground coffee beans and brews a deliciously great-tasting cup of coffee, every time. That’s because every cup of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® is packed with goodness, reflecting our commitment to 100% responsibly sourced coffee. These K-Cup® pods are compatible with all Keurig® single serve coffee makers. Simple. Delicious.


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