Garlic Infused Honey


Although garlic has a pungent flavor, when added to our organic wildflower honey it becomes a bitter sweet combination that ignites excitement in any dish you create.   Honey garlic chicken, roast, or pork...whatever it is, it will explode with flavor in your mouth. 

Garlic honey may seem like odd ingredients to put together, but combining them results in an impressive immune-boosting substance that will keep your body healthy and strong.

Shipping and Returns

It's simple If you try it and you don't like it, SEND IT BACK! Yup that's right, box it up with a copy of the invoice and a note of what you would like to exchange it for and we will replace it even after you opened it and tried a cup or 2. We stand behind the products we sell and most of all we stand up for each and every one of our AWESOME customers. Enjoy!