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Newman's Own DECAF Special Blend K-Cups
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Newman's Own DECAF Special Blend

24 Count Box
SKU: G10020  
Package : 24 Count Box of Keurig K-Cups.
Brand : Newman's Own
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Organics Special Blend Decaf - Extra Bold Paul Newman donates all of his royalties after taxes from Newman s Own Organics to educational and charitable non-profits Lull-bodied blend of medium and dark roasted coffees is crafted in the Newman family tradition
 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 21 Customer Reviews  
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   Good Coffee, September 16, 2017  By Anonymous (Sand Springs, OK)(Verified)
I am a STRONG coffee lover. Newman's Special Decaf is good for a break from regular coffee, but I could use it darker.
   New mans own decafe, September 8, 2017  By Rich zaia (Leesburg, VA)(Verified)
Smooth without being to mild.
   A different kind of tasty!!!, August 26, 2017  By Anonymous (Altamont, NY)(Verified)
Was never turned on by "organic" but tried this on a whim - actually enjoy it!!
   Best Decaf, August 24, 2017  By Anonymous (Marietta, GA)(Verified)
This is my favorite decaf coffee in a K cup.
   Best all around coffee, August 17, 2017  By Jan or Jerry Coffman (Killeen, TX)(Verified)
This coffee is not too strong, but full of flavor, even the decaf. Black or with additions, it's the best I've tried or of my favorites. It's not acid or bitter, so if you like a legitimate coffee taste, this is a keeper.
   Organic Neiman's decaf, August 17, 2017  By Denise (Allen, TX)(Verified)
Perfect blend for end of the day!
   Newman's Own Organic Decaf, August 14, 2017  By Anonymous (Lake Crystal, MN)(Verified)
It is the best decaf that I have found. We love it!
   Newman's best is the best, August 11, 2017  By Anonymous (Wilmington, DE)(Verified)
Love this decaf above other decaf flavored coffee
   Good Decaf, July 24, 2017  By Anonymous (Whitakers, NC)(Verified)
One of our employees had to switch from regular to decaf, and we gave this one a try. She really likes the flavor - for a decaf coffee, it's very good. It's now part of our regular order.
   Newman Organic Decaf, July 22, 2017  By Anonymous (Lake Crystal)
my favorite decaf ever...
   Newman's is organic smoothness, July 20, 2017  By Anonymous (McKinney, TX)(Verified)
One of my favorites. I always keep a supply on hand. A nice alternative to the strong/ semi bitter roasts (although I also like a strong cup in the morning). The taste appeals to me in the afternoon and evening as an alternative to hot tea. Also comes in the Green Mountain assortment.
   Best Tasting decaf ever, June 26, 2017  By Anonymous (Carbondale, PA)
I have tried a lot of decaf brands and none compare to this. No after taste and a full bodied flavor!
   Great decaf, June 12, 2017  By Anonymous (Richmond, VA)(Verified)
Great decaf coffee and love the organic factor. Will re-order. This is good to have on hand for office visitors.
   My favorite, June 11, 2017  By Anonymous (Albion, NY)(Verified)
I love this coffee and the decaf doesn't take away from the flavor at all.
   Newman's Organic Decaf, June 4, 2017  By Anonymous (Lake Crystal, MN)(Verified)
This is the VERY BEST decaf coffee ever for the Keurig. It is the best decaf coffee around. The flavor is great and we love it!!
   Newman' Own, May 21, 2017  By Anonymous (Guthrie, OK)(Verified)
Full flavored
   Neumann's organic decaf coffee., May 18, 2017  By Aline Slowik (Rochester, MI)(Verified)
Love drinking an organic coffee that tastes good.
   Newman's Own Decaf Special Blend, May 5, 2017  By Anonymous (Lake Crystal, MN)(Verified)
This is the best decaf coffee I have ever had. Love having a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning. My favorite choice!!
   Not as good as NO regular and other decals, February 13, 2016  By Anonymous (HOLLYWOOD, MD)
I was very disappointed with this coffee. Newmans regular coffee is wonderful, full of flavor but not overbearing. The decaf, unfortunately, is practically devoid of flavor, weak and wimpy like most decaf k cups.
   Good, Bold, August 25, 2015  By Jeff Thoele (FLORA, IL)
Good,bold coffee!
   Correct, August 11, 2015  By Jeffrey C. Thoele (FLORA, IL)
11th street coffee made sure I was doing everything right (ordering the right coffee)
Jeff Thoele
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