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Green Mountain Decaf Hazelnut
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Green Mountain DECAF Hazelnut

24 Count Box
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New recipe! A lighter roasted coffee, our Hazelnut is buttery and sweet with the rich flavor of warm roasted nuts.
 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 23 Customer Reviews  
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   Hazelnut Decaf, October 29, 2017  By Anonymous (La Mesa, CA)(Verified)
I absolutely love the taste of this. I find I feel better in the morning when I drink decaf and good flavored decaf is hard to find.
   First time trying this Decaf, October 28, 2017  By Bets (Manistique, MI)(Verified)
I tried Green Mountain Decaf Hazelnut K-cups for the first time. I have tried other Decafs but find them quite strong and bitter. This coffee has a rich but smooth flavor. I would recommend this Decaf coffee.
   Tastes great!, October 27, 2017  By Jody McBride (Temple, TX)(Verified)
This has a great flavor. Can't even tell it's decaf.
   10/12/17, October 12, 2017  By Frances Chapman (Stafford, VA)(Verified)
Coffee has a wonderful flavor and is always fresh. Only coffee I drink
   Green Mountain Decaf, October 8, 2017  By Anonymous (Tampa, FL)(Verified)
We've been drinking GM Hazelnut Decaf for a few years now; we tried some other brands at the same or lesser price and settled on this one as being the one that gives us the best bang for our morning buck. I reuse my wife's kcup when she is done and find there is still enough flavor to make the cup enjoyable.
   5 STAR, October 6, 2017  By Anonymous (Highland, IL)(Verified)
Great taste!
   Excellent!, September 18, 2017  By Nancy (Taunton, MA)(Verified)
A light nice hazlenut coffee that is a nice ending to a long day.
   Hazelnut decaf, August 27, 2017  By Anonymous (Spring Green, WI)(Verified)
A toss up between this and French Vanilla for the best nighttime flavored coffee. Flavor is not too dominant, but enough to feel like a treat. Smooth as all Green Mountain.
   Mrs, August 25, 2017  By Brenda Williams (Yuma, AZ)(Verified)
I order hazelnut decaf for my husband because it's his favorite. I always get a good price. I stock up every few months.
   great decaf, August 8, 2017  By Anonymous (Shawnee, KS)
I love the Green Mountain decaf hazelnut. Lots of smooth flavor.
   LPayne, July 20, 2017  By Anonymous (Guthrie, OK)(Verified)
   No decaf "taste", July 12, 2017  By K Drum (Woodbridge, VA)(Verified)
Decaf coffee has that taste that is unmistakable.. you just KNOW you are drinking decaf. Green Mountain Decaf Hazelnut does not have this taste. I enjoy a cup or two of coffee in the evening and this decaf is the way to go. It is the only decaf I will drink.
   Green Mountain Decaf, June 26, 2017  By Anonymous (Tampa, FL)(Verified)
We've been drinking GM Hazelnut for 2-3 years now and never get tired of it. I has good flavor that is not cloying in any way.
   As good as the caffeinated., June 25, 2017  By Spence McCurry (WIchita, KS)(Verified)
With just the right amount of hazelnut flavor you can't tell its not caffeinated!
   Green Mt. Hazelnut decaf, June 21, 2017  By Anonymous (Easton, PA)(Verified)
I think this lacks the more robust flavor I like. It is too weak and tastes diluted if you make a large cup with Keurig. However, my wife says its fine for her. I don't use it often.
   Mrs, June 8, 2017  By Ilene Marcus (West palm Beach, FL)(Verified)
Love 11th St. coffee. I buy it fF always for myself and my three daughters
   Does it get any better?, June 2, 2017  By Walter Wengefeld (Arcadia, FL)(Verified)
How easy it was to order
How pleasant to watch the delivery
And then we get down to what words have trouble describing
The result of 11th Street Coffee fantastic effort
   Green Mountain Decaf, May 11, 2017  By Anonymous (Tampa, FL)(Verified)
We've been buying Green Mountain Hazelnut decaf coffee for my wife for a few years now and have never been disappointed. The brew is always flavorful without being cloying in any way.
   It's just average, May 11, 2017  By Anonymous (Loudon, TN)(Verified)
Nothing special.
   love Green Mountain, May 3, 2017  By Anonymous (Shawnee, KS)
this is one of my favorites. good flavor for a decaf
   very good!, May 3, 2017  By Brenda (Hutchinson, KS)(Verified)
Love Green Mountain Hazelnut, and especially the decaf for those of us who cannot drink caffiene for health reasons
   Decafe??Really??, May 3, 2017  By Robyn (Reading, PA)(Verified)
I order lots of coffees for my Mother, as she has become a true fan of her new Kureg coffee maker, and loves the fact she can try different flavors of pods without wasting any coffee....Always in the past, I bought regular, not decaf..Now, as she needs to cut down on caffeine, I slipped this decaf into her last order,and hoped she would enjoy it as much as the regular...... Surprisingly, she was thrilled, and said she didn't find any difference in the flavor, and was now going to stay with the decaf! Now she can enjoy it any time of day or night, and still be caffeine free.....As for the flavor, it is a true hazelnut, light, nutty, and delicious...
   My Favorite, May 4, 2015  By Anonymous (Olathe, KS)
I got my first Kurig for Christmas and out of all the flavors I've tried this is my favorite. I usually add some Caramel Vanilla Creamer and it's delicious. The smell of it being reminds me of wafer cones being made at an ice cream parlor.
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