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Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream
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Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream

24 Count Box
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Caramel Vanilla Cream offers drizzles of sweet, buttery caramel and brown sugar, with swirls of vanilla cream. The old ice-cream stand is gone now, and we've had to cut back on those sundaes. A lot. So we're especially pleased about our newest dessert in a coffee cup flavor - Caramel Vanilla Cream. When we were just knee-high, the very height of a lazy Sunday afternoon was to walk to the corner ice-cream stand and hand over a nickel or two for a caramel sundae. Sundays and sundaes ... it's like they were made for each other. The old ice-cream stand is gone now, and we've had to cut back on those sundaes. A lot. So we're especially pleased about our newest dessert in a coffee cup flavor - Caramel Vanilla Cream. A luxurious blend of caramel, toasty brown sugar, and vanilla cream flavors make this a real treat ... for Sunday, or any old day of the week. And unlike those sundaes, this one's a guilt-free indulgence.
 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 25 Customer Reviews  
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   In Love, September 25, 2017  By Jenne Rudd (Langley, WA)
I love this coffee it sweet without having to much sweetness More to put in the coffee its great black. :)
   Smells and Taste Great!, September 7, 2017  By Jennifer (AKRON, OH)(Verified)
This is a big hit at the office. Visitors enjoy all Green Mountain Blends, but Caramel Vanilla Cream is one of our favorites.
   Hal, August 31, 2017  By Harold Perry (Yalaha, FL)(Verified)
Excellent product, have used for years
   green mountain carmel vanilla cream, August 18, 2017  By Anonymous (delanson, NY)(Verified)
Just like french vanilla only with a creamy flavor, I always add some cramel syrup to it to enhance the flavor...
   Caramel vanilla cream, August 12, 2017  By Anonymous (Loudon, TN)(Verified)
My favorite flavor of all coffees.
It's mild but full of flavor.
   Caramel vanilla cream, July 14, 2017  By Kim Majors (Sevierville, TN)(Verified)
My absolute most favorite coffee is Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream.
   Green Mountain Carmel Vanilla Cream, July 6, 2017  By Anonymous (Catskill, NY)(Verified)
Nice flavor.
   Smooth, June 16, 2017  By Anonymous (Toms River, NJ)(Verified)
My daughter in law's favorite flavor
   Caramel Vanilla Cream, is one of the Best, June 6, 2017  By Linda Weber (Flushing, MI)(Verified)
The Green Mt. Caramel Vanilla Cream is one of our very favorite coffee. It's always the one we run out of first. It's not too light or too strong, but just right for us, as my husband drinks from 8-10, k-cups per day. This will always be on my coffee order. Linda, Flushing, MI.
   Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream, May 21, 2017  By Patricia Grudzinsky (Pittsburgh, PA)(Verified)
Great caramel vanilla flavor
   Fantastic Flavor, May 21, 2017  By Tammy (West Richland, WA)(Verified)
Fantastic Flavor...allows you to skip adding flavored creamer!
   My Daughter's Favorite, May 15, 2017  By Anonymous (Manchester, CT)(Verified)
This is a little sweet for me but I buy it 6 boxes at a time for my daughter.
   Great flavor, mild, May 11, 2017  By Susan Bowman (Loudon, TN)(Verified)
I enjoy a good cup of coffee and Green Mountain's Caramel Vanilla Cream and their French vanilla decaf are the only two I them both!
   Great Coffee, May 3, 2017  By Anonymous (Monroe, MI)(Verified)
This smooth caramel vanilla taste is one of my favorites.
   Carmel, February 16, 2016  By Kim (Washington, PA)
So delicious perfect flavors not too strong love it buy regularly
   My Absolute Favorite, January 30, 2016  By Anonymous (Elkins Park, PA)
I've tried several flavors & brands of coffee. Green Mountains caramel vanilla cream wins!!! Flavor & smell blends to make a smooth cup of coffee straight up! If I'm out w/my mug people will ask what flavor it is because it smells so inviting! Love this!!!
   Good flavor, January 30, 2016  By Marci (Bloomfield Hills, MI)
This has a really good flavor and taste in my opinion and I really did. Like it, I just happen to like other flavors more so I stopped buying this one. I would buy it again
   Dreamy creamy caramel vanilla, August 6, 2015  By Cindy (Batavia, OH)
Dreamy creamy caramel vanilla is so smooth when you drink this in the morning you just have to have another cup the flavor is a pure vanilla with the hints of caramel blended together makes for the best couple coffees in the morning can't do with just one!!!
   Weak, August 5, 2015  By Anonymous (kingston, PA)
Weak and doesn't taste like caramel or vanilla
   Lots of caramel flavor, May 6, 2015  By Kevin (Derby, KS)
Lots of caramel flavor that almost overpowers the vanilla.
   The best ever!, May 3, 2015  By Anonymous (Cameron, WV)
The best taste in my mind and the one I reach for multiple times daily!
   Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream, December 11, 2014  By Anonymous 
It is the best of all the coffees we have tried. Pumpkin Spice iis the worst of all we have tried.
   LOVE!, July 18, 2014  By Donna Rhodes 
The BEST coffee EVER!!!!! I would recomend to everyone.
   if you like weak coffee, July 17, 2014  By Anonymous (thorndale, PA)
It may just be the fact that I like BOLD coffee. However I feel this coffee is as if drinking decaf. The flavor is not bad just very very weak.
   Favorite Morning Selection, July 16, 2014  By Justine (Smithfield, VA)
Green Mountain's Caramel Vanilla Cream is my go-to morning coffee! I prefer flavored coffee and this variety is a great combination of flavors. I have at least one cup at the office every morning!
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