Folgers Black Silk Filter Packs

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40 Count Case
Price Per Item: $1.04

Folgers Black Silk is a new dark roast coffee blend - bold, yet smooth. The Black Silk formula is a blend of mountain grown coffees specially selected for optimal dark roasting. The best part of Wakin' Folgers in your cup!

-Master roasted for a perfect, consistent Folgers taste
-Ideal for coffee pot brewers, airpot coffee brewers, and thermal server coffee brewers
-Features Folgers' "flaked" coffee grind technology
-Maximizes taste, extraction, and finish of coffee when brewed

-Air tight packaging keeps your coffee fresher, longer
-Filter packs are simple, convenient, easy-to-use
-No messy grounds make clean-up a snap
-Enjoy a 6 to 12 month shelf life

-Each filter pack = 1.40oz of dark-roasted coffee
-Each filter pack brews a full 12 cup pot of coffee

-Filter packs are NOT individually wrapped
-Packed into resealable pouches that contain 10 filter packs each
-Each box = 4 x 10-ct pouches (40 filter packs total)
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