With summertime in full swing, there’s nothing like a cool drink to keep you refreshed and energized during the hotter days. Sipping on a mocha over ice as you relax in the shade is one of the best ways to keep yourself comfortable. Not only is it the perfect drink to quench your thirst, but it also gives you that caffeine boost you need to push through a busy seasonal schedule. Here is a delicious and easy iced mocha recipe for summer that you can make at home with just a few ingredients.

Choose the Right Coffee

The first ingredient you’ll need to make this tasty, iced mocha is coffee, and it’s important to choose the right one. If you have a single-serve coffee maker at home, use a dark roast K-Cup as it has a stronger flavor than a medium roast. If you prefer to brew your coffee, use a dark roast blend, and make it stronger than you would for a standard cup of coffee to ensure you don’t lose the flavor when you add ice and milk. In addition to coffee, make sure you also stock up on chocolate syrup or cocoa powder, depending on your preference.

Prepare Your Glass and Mix

Once you have your coffee made, it’s time to add ice. Fill your glass with ice cubes, halfway to three-quarters of the way full depending on how strong you like your drink. Then, add a generous amount of chocolate syrup or a tablespoon of cocoa powder to the glass. Next, pour the freshly brewed, hot coffee over the ice and chocolate, stirring to combine everything.

Now it’s time to add the milk or creamer, whether it be plain milk, almond milk, or coconut milk. Stir well and add additional ice cubes if needed. Consider topping off your iced mocha with a dollop of whipped cream and chocolate shavings to add a great finishing touch.

Customize To Suit Your Preferences

This delicious and easy iced mocha recipe for summer is entirely customizable to your tastes. If you prefer a sweeter drink, add additional chocolate syrup. If you like it stronger, add an extra shot of espresso. Or switch to a medium roast coffee if dark coffee is too strong. Don’t fret if you’re on a diet because you can switch from regular milk to non-dairy milk, such as coconut or almond. You can also add different garnishes, such as cinnamon or nutmeg, to give it a unique flavor.

With only a handful of ingredients, this iced mocha recipe is a treat you can make whenever you want. Iced mocha drinks have the makings to be your drink of choice, whether you’re relaxing on the porch with a book, enjoying a picnic outside, or savoring the outdoors with friends and family.

11th Street Coffee has a series of coffees that are perfect for this type of recipe. We also have a collection of brew-over-ice K-Cup teas if a simple iced tea is more your speed. Regardless of your tastes, we have the perfect way to keep you cool this summer.

July 23, 2023 — DigitlHaus Agency