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Barista Prima Coffeehouse? French Roast Coffee
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Barista Prima Coffeehouse French Roast

24 Count Box
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Package : 24 Count Box
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K-CUP® COFFEE. This intensely bold, elegantly-bodied cup provides indisputable proof of Barista Prima Coffeehouse® roast masters' consummate artistry. Highest quality Arabica beans are guided to the very edge of noir - just beyond their second crack - then eased back, masterfully, to reveal their rich, full-flavored complexity. It's a delicate balancing act that demands beans of the utmost quality; high altitude Arabica capable of withstanding the intense heat required by this darker roast. Barista Prima Coffeehouse® roast masters excel at carefully monitoring the tenuous balance between roast and flavor that results in a daringly dark, smoky-sweet brew with a surprisingly light mouthfeel. The ultimate proof? It's in your cup.
It's simple If you try it and you don't like it, SEND IT BACK! Yup that's right, box it up with a copy of the invoice and a note of what you would like to exchange it for and we will replace it even after you opened it and tried a cup or 2. We stand behind the products we sell and most of all we stand up for each and every one of our AWESOME customers. Enjoy!
 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 45 Customer Reviews  
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   Good, September 8, 2018  By Anonymous (Oceanside, CA)(Verified)
This is one of my favorites
   Best Bold Coffee, September 7, 2018  By Steve Milano (Weddington, NC)(Verified)
We continue to order Barista French Roast from you because the product is consistently terrific, and 11th Street Coffee makes it so easy and convenient along with giving us the best pricing.
   coffee, August 17, 2018  By Shannon LaFountain (Sturbridge, MA)
Employees like it
   Gib, August 16, 2018  By Anonymous (Lake City, PA)(Verified)
My wife and I love the dark roast coffee and this one is top notch!!
   Always Consistent, July 28, 2018  By Anonymous (Weddington, NC)(Verified)
This product is so consistently great that it is the only one we order from you. We even ship it to our friends, who rave about it when they visit us and enjoy a cup of Barista's French Roast. We love its bold flavor!
   The best, July 27, 2018  By Wade Bridges (Ozark, MO)(Verified)
barista-prima-coffeehouse-french-roast-coffee is one of the best coffee’s I have ever tried. I love Dark Roadt and this one does the trick.
Dr. Wade Bridges
   Ahhhhh, July 27, 2018  By Anonymous (Harrisburg, SD)(Verified)
Very satisfying
   French roast, July 25, 2018  By Ramona Martin (Branson West, MO)(Verified)
Very good, highly recommend
   It's Has to be Good !, July 20, 2018  By Terri (Plattsburgh, NY)
The Barista Prima "French Roast" is the coffee I have to keep on hand and also order for my Best Friend because it's the only coffee he drinks. This coffee is Bold yet smooth with a somewhat smokey flavor (just a hint) there is no bitter taste and it will give you that morning pick me up !
A really great French Roast that can't be beat nor any comparison to any other brand names. I could blindfold my friend and make several different French Roasts and he could pick out this Barista Prima FRENCH ROAST it is that distinctive in the flavor. This is the best price to be found anywhere for this coffee and 24 ct, box , awesome ! What a great deal for excellent coffee.
   Excellent Cup of Coffee, July 16, 2018  By Connie (Greensboro, NC)
I want my morning coffee fix to hit me with a jolt, and this one fits the bill perfectly. I drink my coffee black so I look for the purity of the bean and the roast to deliver full-bodied taste and flavor. This won’t disappoint.
   Morning cup, June 16, 2018  By Delores (Troy, AL)
I look forward to my morning cup of coffee as something to get my day off to a good start.....this coffee roast is just right for flavor and satisfaction. I would highly recommend it to my friends.
   Always Consistent, May 10, 2018  By Steven Milano (Weddington, NC)(Verified)
This is our favorite coffee, as we have tried many K-cups, and it is always bold and consistent. We will continue to order it!
   French Roast Has It All!, May 3, 2018  By Patricia (OCEAN PINES, MD)(Verified)
I am in love with the Barista Prima Coffeehouse French Roast by Keurig because of it's wonderful dark flavor without any acidic aftertaste. It is so full flavored, smooth, and delightful whether hot or cold. I find the Italian Roast from the same company a bit harsh without the fullness of flavor. The French Roast makes my life happy!
   Italian Roast is perfection, April 18, 2018  By Anonymous (Glendale, CA)(Verified)
I always though French Roast was the best but this Barista Prima Itailuan is so rich and smoothe.... it’s my new favorite
   Good roast, April 16, 2018  By jc (new rochelle, NY)(Verified)
Very mellow brew
   One of the best!, April 15, 2018  By Anonymous 
This product has come to be one of our favorites - it is rich and flavorful - lives up to the French Roast title.
   Barista Prima French Roast, April 11, 2018  By Anonymous (Colonie, NY)(Verified)
Being a coffee connoisseur, I love rich, bold flavored coffee. Hands down, this is the best I’ve had in this country.
   Barista French Roast, April 7, 2018  By David Knuteson (Wis.Rapids, WI)(Verified)
This is great coffee , better than most other French roast k cups
   Bold & Beautiful, March 25, 2018  By Anonymous (Weddington, NC)(Verified)
Absolutely love the dark bold taste of this coffee.
   Smooth and Sturdy, February 26, 2018  By Frederick Fake (Colonie, NY)(Verified)
Ever since I started drinking Barista Prima French coffee, I began to appreciate coffee at another level. The aroma is nice and strong as the coffee. The flavor is ridiculously good and the cost is always the same. It is one of the finer coffees I have drank and 11th St keeps it affordable. This coffee is a great buy
   Barista Prima, January 28, 2018  By Jeff Myers (Clover, SC)(Verified)
I have tried most French roast brands and by far this is the best . Rich , bold , smooth taste .
   Barista Italian, January 22, 2018  By Anonymous (Estero, FL)(Verified)
This K cup has emerged as our favorite. It smells great brewing and has a pleasant taste. Because it is dark brew, I suggest working up if you are currently drinking coffee that is not quite as robust.
   Rich and Dark, December 31, 2017  By Linda Ray (Blytheville, AR)(Verified)
This coffee is one-off our favorites. Always fresh, always rich deep flavor one desires in a dark roast coffee. We generally pick this coffee to savor as after dinner treat, particularly if we have dessert. This is truly a premium coffee and I would recommend it to anyone seeking a fine cup of joe.
   One of our faves, December 15, 2017  By Anonymous (Battle Lake, MN)(Verified)
We love dark roasts, this is one of our favorites, smooth and rich and happy the price has come down as well.
   French roast, December 10, 2017  By Anonymous (Seven Hills, OH)(Verified)
I like my coffee strong But smooth .
Barista prima French roast is the answer