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revv K-Cup Coffee
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24 Count Box
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ALL SYSTEMS GO. An extra bold, robust dark roast of electrifying intensity. Shockingly strong. Surprisingly complex. Like a thermonuclear power plant in pod form. Ever wonder what a thunderbolt tastes like? Now you know.

 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 20 Customer Reviews  
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   Excellent, November 4, 2019  By Brian (Mount Holly, NJ)(Verified)
What makes this an extraordinary blend is not only is it dark and strong it isn't bitter in the least and tastes fantastic. John Wayne would pick this one as well. LOL
   Turbocharger, July 19, 2019  By Michael (BELLPORT, NY)(Verified)
Great taste for a strong coffee, not bitter at all
   Reminiscent of Black Tiger, July 13, 2019  By Anonymous (FORT MYERS, FL)(Verified)
Some of us old timer coffee bean lovers ended up with Keurig due to necessity - rather than by choice. I lost most of my vision, and, pour over coffee and daily fresh bean grinding became far messier and problematic than my coffee bean palate required. So....that said. I found a way to extract enough "stuff" from K-cup choices to appease my need to taste. We all taste differently, and, I experimented until I ended up with a first of the day cup comprised of 4-6 oz shot of Caribou combined with a 4-6 oz shot of Black Tiger. That cup done, I could continue with other bold kcup varieties - but - I enjoyed the brightness of the Caribou deepened and enhanced by the complex richness of the Black Tiger - either one of those alone was not doable - they had to be blended. So - when Black Tiger was "retired" - my replacement was Cafe Bustelo Espresso. But - now - I have found and tried the Rev Turbocharger and I am now using it - enjoying it - combined with the Caribou for my first cup. And - I've tried and liked the Turbocharger combined with a standard medium roast bold kcup. For me - it's a great mixer. Old timers are a bit hard-pressed to point to Keurig's stand alone kcup coffee for a true representation of what a cup of coffee should be - our taste buds will always compare the real deal brews of old against the new "wanna-be" brews. But - I'm grateful for the Rev Turbocharger. It is sufficient for me!
   Great coffee, June 26, 2019  By David (BALTIMORE, MD)(Verified)
I like the coffee, but I like the company better.
They do a great job getting k cups out quickly
   5 Stars!, June 18, 2019  By Jimi (Seneca Falls, NY)
The name says it all and lives up to it. It's a turbocharger for sure. It will "REVV" you up a lil bit. See what I did there? Haha. For those of you that may need an extra (kick in the butt) boost in the morning or anytime., This will give you that, but not to any extreem (you won't be speeding around at work) Lol. And there's no compromise for taste. It's actually smoother than I expected. Good stuff!
   Revv, December 29, 2018  By Anonymous (Port Saint Lucie, FL)
I'll sum up this coffee with 2 very strong words,"
   Gib, August 16, 2018  By Anonymous (Lake City, PA)(Verified)
Rev Turbocharger has a robust delicious taste. Everything I love in a cup of coffee.
   Rev Turbocharger, July 15, 2018  By Anonymous (Brooklyn, NY)(Verified)
Since you stopped making the old REV this product is my go to when I need a caffeine boost without getting hyper.
   My Must Have, July 6, 2018  By Anonymous (JACKSONVILLE, FL)(Verified)
This is the first pod I use every day...and usually the only one I will choose. Smooth, bold, strong without any "wired" effect....I am usually up very early every day (1-2 am), work day starts at 7 and ends at 4 and then everything else....With two to three cups of this coffee in the morning, every thing is great.
   Rev turbocharged, June 26, 2018  By Anonymous (Twin falls, ID)(Verified)
Very good
   Rev coffee, May 12, 2018  By Anonymous (TWIN FALLS, ID)(Verified)
Love this coffee
   Rev coffee, May 12, 2018  By Anonymous (TWIN FALLS, ID)(Verified)
This coffee is really good they are my favorite
   Strong and powerful!, May 9, 2018  By Anonymous (Syracuse, NE)(Verified)
My son loves this coffee. He enjoys the dark rich flavor and wake me up punch!
   Rev turbocharger, April 6, 2018  By Anonymous (Twin falls, ID)(Verified)
This is excellent coffee
   Turbocharged, March 27, 2018  By Anonymous (Fairbury, NE)(Verified)
This coffee does not disappoint. Strong but smooth with no bitterness.
   sure fire pick me up, March 2, 2018  By Anonymous (Stockholm, NJ)(Verified)
also used as a pre workout starter
   First time trying, February 27, 2018  By John (Southington, CT)
I love dark roast coffees. Really enjoying REVV TURBOCHARGER.
Strong and Robust! Nice flavor throughout the entire cup.
   Turbo, January 8, 2018  By Joyce Sexton (Brockway, MI)(Verified)
Nice cup of rich coffee!
   Revv turbocharger, December 14, 2017  By Margaret Santa (Clarkesville, GA)(Verified) yet
   Super Dark Roast Coffee, November 28, 2017  By Anonymous (Tempe, AZ)(Verified)
A superior dark roast coffee from a K-Cup brewer, full-bodied and rich flavor.

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