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Limited Edition Fair Trade Holiday Blend
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Limited Edition Fair Trade Holiday Blend

24 Count Box
SKU: GM6204  

Limited Supply!

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Savings:$1.00 (6%)
Inspired by this festive time of year, our Holiday Blend features medium and dark roast coffees for a cup that's cheerfully bright with toasted nut and mild fruit notes, but hearty enough to make winter just a little bit warmer.
It's simple If you try it and you don't like it, SEND IT BACK! Yup that's right, box it up with a copy of the invoice and a note of what you would like to exchange it for and we will replace it even after you opened it and tried a cup or 2. We stand behind the products we sell and most of all we stand up for each and every one of our AWESOME customers. Enjoy!
 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 20 Customer Reviews  
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   Holiday Blend k-cups, August 3, 2018  By Anonymous (Queensbury, NY)
I am not sure how they did it or what exactly the flavorings are, but the name speaks for itself. When drinking this blend, I can envision waking up Christmas morning, my family sitting around the tree and watching the kids as their eyes light up at the wonder of the season. Seem like a lot to expect from a cup of coffee, but I guess you will have to try it to find out!
   GM Holiday Blend, July 26, 2018  By Anonymous (Milton, FL)
This is a good medium blend coffee. I would like it more if it had more of a holiday spice flavor but it still has a nice flavor.
   One of my wife's favorites, July 2, 2018  By Terry (Melbourne, FL)(Verified)
My wife likes this Holiday Blend when we can't get Autumn Harvest.
   Good coffee limited supply, March 9, 2018  By Anonymous (Covington, KY)(Verified)
Since I prefer the darker roast coffees, this one isn’t too bad. Must try before it goes away
   Christmas year round!!!, March 9, 2018  By Anonymous (Tarboro, NC)(Verified)
I am glad Green Mountain decided to keep the Holiday Blend year round!!! It is my go to coffee in the mornings!!!
   Love the Holiday Blend!, February 5, 2018  By Carol Ruffin (Tarboro, NC)(Verified)
I just love Green Mountain coffees, and wished the Holiday Blend was available year round!! To me it is so much better than Starbucks Holiday coffee!!!!
   Good Coffee!!, December 31, 2017  By Anonymous (Holtwood, PA)
Enjoyed it over the Holidays!!
   Holiday Blend, December 7, 2017  By Bill (Hyde Park, NY)(Verified)
I look forward for this one every year one of the Best!
   Holiday Blend, December 6, 2017  By Anonymous (Grand Rapids, MI)(Verified)
This is such a great coffee. Nicely roasted so it has a robust richness that is not acidic, no bitterness to it. For those that are interested in a smooth cup of coffee should give this a try.
I always buy 6-12 boxes when it is in stock!
   Holiday, November 30, 2017  By Margaret (Windham, ME)(Verified)
Excellent taste and very smooth
   simply delicious, November 26, 2017  By Anonymous (Colorado Springs, CO)(Verified)
This coffee is not too bold, but not too weak either. Perfect blend and very smooth!
   My Favorite Holiday Blend, November 25, 2017  By Route_66_Rick (Miller, MO)(Verified)
My favorite. I wish they had it all year long, but I guess it wouldn't be as special then would it.
   Green Mountain Holiday Blend, November 22, 2017  By Anonymous (Marysville, MI)(Verified)
My favorite cup of coffee is the Holiday Blend! I also like the Autumn Harvest Blend. It is a must have year round.
   Holiday blend, October 26, 2017  By Anonymous (Metairie, LA)(Verified)
Can’t go wrong ordering Green Mountain coffee! They are all good blends!
   My favorite, May 19, 2017  By Anonymous (WEST HILLS, CA)(Verified)
It's a shame that this is a seasonal coffee. I guess I would refer to this as the Goldilocks coffee. not too light, not too dark. It's just right. I try to buy enough to get me as far though the following year as possible. I never buy enough. lol!
   Holiday Blend, March 15, 2017  By Virginia (Levittown, PA)(Verified)
This blend of coffee is so awesome. No bitter, acidic after taste. It is more of a lighter, medium roast type coffee with a great taste. I've been buying it for a few years now., even thou it says seasonal I've been lucky enough to buy it when I need to. Please keep this as a regular seller. Great coffee !!!!!
   Pumpkin Spice, April 20, 2016  By Mark R. Stephenson, DDS (Raleigh, NC)
Our office loves this coffee. It's so good and every time we brew a cup the office smells like home instead of a dental office.

Please keep it around year round!

Mark Stephenson, DDS & Staff
   Best coffee, January 31, 2016  By Anonymous (Dawsonville, GA)
Love this flavor !
   Good Evening drink, May 5, 2015  By Karen McMahon (Elkins, AR)
I like to drink this after work, it is a nice robust flavor.
   Great Find!, December 31, 2014  By Molly (New York, NY)
I am so happy I tried this flavor. I love the smoothness. The only negative is that I wish it was offered all year round. I plan on stocking up on this one.