Starbucks Frappuccino Vanillal 13.7oz

$52.95 $64.99
12 Count
Price Per Item: $4.41

Elegant Flavor: Immerse yourself in the elegant flavor of French Vanilla, where coffee meets velvety sweetness for an exquisite and indulgent taste.
13.7 Oz Glass Bottle: Our glass bottles are designed to preserve the quality and taste of Starbucks coffee, ensuring you savor every sip of French Vanilla Frappuccino at its best.
  • A delicious treat for on the go.
  • 13.7 oz bottle
  • Vanilla with other natural flavors
  • Vanilla Frappuccino chilled coffee drink is a harmonious blend of Starbucks coffee and creamy milk with a tasty hint of vanilla.
  • Pop the cap. Savor the sip. Go.

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