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Donut House K-Cup Coffee
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DECAF Donut House

24 Count Box
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Donut House Coffee feels familiar from the very first sip. It?s the easy-going, dependable cup you enjoy every day. If you're lucky, the best cup of joe is right around the corner. You can pick up your brew and a dozen to go. The rest of us rely on the Donut House Collection® ? Coffees with rich, bold flavor and a little kick to get you going. Good, straightforward coffees that will remind you of the days when you knew what to expect and were never disappointed. Soft, caramel-like aroma with hints of milk chocolate and toast. An uncomplicated cup, medium body, flavor notes of cedar, caramel, nut and orange-toned citrus. Sweetness carries into the mildly nutty finish, with distant suggestions of molasses and chocolate.
 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 24 Customer Reviews  
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   Lori J, March 4, 2018  By Lori Jaeger (Mankato, MN)(Verified)
Best decaf I've ever had doesn't taste like decaf at all!!
   Donut house coffee, February 25, 2018  By Anonymous (Marlborough, MA)(Verified)
I am disappointed in this brand of coffee, very little taste, actually no taste at all

Tom brecken
   Wonderfull company to work with, February 16, 2018  By Scott Kingsland (Milton, VT)(Verified)
When we first started drinking K cups we tried many samples that were available at the time. We finally settled on Donut House Decaf. After selecting the coffee we needed to find a company that was competitive in the market place. After reviewing many companies on the internet we found 11th Street Coffee. There price and service was top notch. Service I mean shipping. I have never seen a company turn around an order so fast. Very impressed. I have commented this company to all the people drink K cup coffee. Thank you 11th Street.
   good coffee, February 11, 2018  By Peg Murphy (Bluffton, OH)
This decafe is just right. I can drink it any time. Delicious :)
   Donut House Decaffeinated, February 10, 2018  By Anonymous (HAZLET, NJ)(Verified)
Smooth coffee taste. Good prices.
   K cup would not pop, February 5, 2018  By Leslie Bowles (Lyman, SC)(Verified)
I ordered these my last order. The coffee was ok but when I put the k cup in my Keurig, the hole in the bottom was so small it almost dripped out. I had to stand and wait on my cup of coffee. I thought it was my Keurig but when I put my husband's coffee which was Green Mountain it ran right through. Don't know if the k cup was defective or what. I will not order that again. Never had that problem before. Just wanted you to know.
   Great coffee, December 10, 2017  By Wayne (Seguin, TX)(Verified)
I am not allowed to have caffeine. This blend tastes so good I don’t miss the caffeine. I also love the price
   Perfect for Me, November 10, 2017  By Anonymous (Alton, IL)
This decaf is the perfect coffee for me. I love the flavor and everything about it. I buy several boxes at a time
   My favorite, November 5, 2017  By Anonymous (Burlington, WI)(Verified)
This is my favorite coffee day or night. Mild gentle taste to me.
   The Best Decaf Coffee, November 2, 2017  By Larry Reese (Plantersville, MS)(Verified)
This is some the best decaf coffee I have ever had. It doesn't taste like decaf. You can drink this in the afternoon and evening or anytime and not worry about blood pressure going up or losing any sleep
   Donut House Decaf, October 18, 2017  By Anonymous (Savannah, GA)(Verified)
Ordering process was very easy and uncomplicated! Shipment was very quickly processed and delivery was almost immediate! The flavor is very smooth and fullbodied. I will definitely order again, and will share my satisfaction with my friends!iteducidos
   Review of Donnut Shop Decaf, October 11, 2017  By Susan Rosaly (Lumberton, TX)(Verified)
I ordered this for my daughter who is pregnant and cannot have caffeine. She is a coffee aficionado and missed being able to have her favorites in a Decaf. This product made her extremely happy! She loved it! THANKYOU!
   Decaf donut shop, October 5, 2017  By Julie (Eugene, OR)(Verified)
Best decaf coffee out there! We have been drinking this for 3 years.. cannot tell it is decaf!
   Great coffee, September 29, 2017  By Michael Marlow (Jacksboro, TN)(Verified)
Very mild great taste
   Donut House Decaf, August 14, 2017  By Anonymous (Lake Crystal, MN)(Verified)
Our office staff likes this coffee. Very good!!
   A little light, July 31, 2017  By KatBlu (Fernley, NV)(Verified)
My husband is the DeCaf drinker.
He prefers a little bit stronger, how-
ever, he likes this more at night.
   Decaf Fav, July 26, 2017  By Terry (Fresno, CA)(Verified)
I am not the decaf drinker in the house but my husband and brother swear by it. The other day my husband made me a cup and I was surprised it was decaf. Nice flavor.
   DONUT HOUSE DECAF, June 21, 2017  By Anonymous (METAIRIE, LA)(Verified)
I drink one cup of regular coffee I
in the morning....after that, I
drink decaf. This DONUT HOUSE DECAF
is so good. It tastes like a dessert
any time of day. Thank you for it.
   DECAF Donut House, June 1, 2017  By Anonymous (New Albany, IN)(Verified)
I like a light roast coffee and occasionally want a DECAF coffee. It doesn't get any better than the Donut House DECAF. Just about like drinking a regular cup of coffee
   Wifes favorite, May 15, 2017  By Anonymous (Denton, TX)(Verified)
Perfect coffee for my wife in the morning
   Great coffee, May 13, 2017  By Anonymous (Moss point, MS)(Verified)
Love this coffee
   A good decaf to have on hand, December 7, 2016  By Anonymous (NC)(Verified)
A nice, lighter-bodied decaf , can't really tell a lot of difference between this and the regular version. NOT "burnt" or bitter like most other decafs. I'll definitely be keeping this on hand.
   Decaf Donut House K-Cups, December 3, 2016  By Sherry (My. Pleasant, WI)(Verified)
I've been getting Donut House K Cups for years; regular for my husband, decaf for me. I have never had an issue with the decaf cups spilling grounds when using my Coffee maker. This is an excellent mild coffee with no bitterness.
   Defective Pod, October 9, 2016  By Lee (Holyrood, KS)(Verified)
When used in my Keurig 2.0 brewer, the pod creates a large hole when water begins to dispense. This causes the coffee grounds to overflow and fill the cup and brewer with coffee grounds. A big mess to clean up. This only happens with the Donut House DECAF pods for some reason.
Manufacturing defect is possible. Will purchase other Decaf pods in the future.
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