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Eight O'Clock Dark Italian Roast Coffee
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Eight O'Clock Dark Italian Roast Coffee

24 Count Box
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A European dark 100% Arabica roast, full bodied and balanced with chocolate overtones. Made with 100% Arabica coffee. Coffee is amazing. It's no mere beverage. And we believe this just as passionately today as we did in 1859 when we brought our gourmet coffee to market. We take coffee personally. We care about our craft. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 53 Customer Reviews  
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   Great coffe, great company, October 6, 2021  By Anonymous (WEBSTER, MA)(Verified)
I had sent the company an email when we received our order because the package was left outside in the rain without our knowledge. I had been tracking the order because I knew the weather had been terrible. The order was dropped in front of our garage and we never saw it plus the website said it was still in the delivery process.... The boxes of coffee were very very damp. I sent an email to the company making our displeasure known. 11th St Coffee sent us a replacement order. We were surprised and happy. This company did the right thing and that is rare these days. Hats off to 11th St Coffee. Great coffee and a great company!
   You Don't Know What You Are Missing, July 6, 2019  By Ronald Steinacher (Shorewood, IL)(Verified)
We have drinking Eight O'Clock Dark Italian Roast for several years now. We find it to be the richest, most satisfying cup of coffee of them all! We love to travel, but not being able to have our favorite coffee each morning takes it's toll. Coming home from a trip or vacation has become an exciting event for us now because we can once again enjoy that delicious Eight O'Clock Dark Italian Roast Coffee flavor that we have missed and love so much. If you haven't tried it yet, you don't know what you are missing!
   super italian roast, June 30, 2019  By Anonymous (DENVILLE, NJ)(Verified)
very flavorful, no bitterness
   Eight O'Clock Italian dark, June 23, 2019  By Anonymous (Chicago, IL)(Verified)
My family love this coffee. They drink this all day long. When my daughter sister and cousin come in asking for this coffee. my husband love this coffee so much he tell them don't drink up all his coffee jokingly.

Philine Ellis
   8 o’clock coffee, June 23, 2019  By Anonymous (Allen Park, MI)(Verified)
Excellent taste and excellent value for the money
   Very nice!, June 18, 2019  By Jimi (Seneca Falls, NY)
Great quality. Eight O'Clock coffee has been around for many years with a great reputation and this stuff just adds to that great reputation. I highly recommend it for any dark coffee lover!
   Eight o’clock, June 17, 2019  By Harry Sexton (Brockway, MI)(Verified)
I like this the best.
   Nice cup of expresso, December 27, 2018  By Anonymous (Canton, GA)(Verified)
My husband and I both like bold dark coffee. I was hesitant to purchase this one because the last time I tasted and 8 o’clock coffee it had a bitter taste for my palate.

My opinion changed upon receiving the new Keurig machine for Christmas! It has the strong button which makes this a much better cup of expresso.
   Economy Dark Roast, September 6, 2018  By Tim (Wichita, KS)
Eight O Clock Dark Italian Roast is a decent Dark Roast blend that is bold, smooth, and still nice on the pocketbook. It makes a good cup even on the 12 oz setting, which is rare.
   italian roast, September 6, 2018  By shawn gillette (Rome, NY)(Verified)
not overly weak or strong just good coffee
   Eight O’clock coffee, August 31, 2018  By Anonymous (Graham)(Verified)
Can’t find these anywhere but 11thStreet. So happy you carry it.
   We Love It, August 20, 2018  By Anonymous (Shorewood, IL)(Verified)
We always order this one every time we get an order from 11th Street. It is my husbands absolute favorite and I really enjoy it as well. It is one of the richest, smoothest, tastiest cups of coffee you will find. It is sometimes tricky for us to find, but 11th Street has always got it in stock! We love it!
   Great taste, August 2, 2018  By Elizabeth M Robinson (San Pedro, CA)(Verified)
Love this dark roast and the taste is great,
   Smell the difference, July 27, 2018  By Develop. Wade Bridges (Ozark, MO)(Verified)
eight-oclock-dark-italian-roast-coffee was my grandfathers coffee. Every morning you could smell the aroma as he would grind his own beans. Every cup takes me back to that day.
Dr. Wade Bridges
   "Absolute Favorite", July 25, 2018  By Anonymous (Shorewood, IL)(Verified)
This is my husbands absolute favorite coffee. I enjoy it very much at well, but he's crazy for it! It's rich flavor and aroma is a great way to wake-up and get the day started.
   My Favorite, July 2, 2018  By Pam (Sullivan, IN)(Verified)
The Italian Dark Roast is one of my personal favorites. I love the richness of this dark roast. Much better than any French Roast.
   Tully's Italian Roast, June 10, 2018  By John Risso (ST. AUGUSTINE, FL)(Verified)
This is one of the best Italian coffee that I've been drinking for a long time and I will stick with this for a very very very long time thank you
   Smooth, April 8, 2018  By Anonymous (High Point, NC)(Verified)
Bold but smooth
   My husbands favorite!, March 26, 2018  By Anonymous (Calabash, NC)(Verified)
After years of trying various brands, this is the only coffee my husband wants. My last order of 8 boxes, 5 were Eight O'Clock Dark Italian Roast!
   Eight O Clock Dark Italian Roast, February 16, 2018  By John Risso (St. Augustine, FL)(Verified)
Very Very Good Will Not Leave Home Without It
   Dark roast, January 29, 2018  By Anonymous (Shirley, MA)(Verified)
Enjoy this coffee. Bold dark flavor.
   Excellent!, January 20, 2018  By Anonymous (CALABASH, NC)
This is my husband's all-time favorite! He says it tastes like being in Europe where he fell in love with the stronger, darker coffees there.
   Best Bang For The Buck, January 18, 2018  By Anonymous (Shorewood, IL)(Verified)
The Keurig Coffee Cups are very convenient, but with the convenience comes a price. We both like richer darker coffees, we like the convenience of using a Keurig Coffee Maker, but we don't like paying "big bucks" for the Keurig K-Cup Coffees. The Eight O'Clock Dark Italian Roast Coffee seems to be about the "Best Bang For The Buck" as far as getting a stronger, richer, darker, coffee without having to paying the the premium prices like you do for some other leading brands that are equivalent in taste and richness to most leading brands.
   11th st. coffee, December 14, 2017  By Anonymous (glens falls, NY)(Verified)
i am so happy with the coffee and the service .
   Super Cup of Coffee, December 5, 2017  By Anonymous (Shorewood)
If you are a true coffee lover, it doesn't get much better than the Eight O'Clock Dark Italian Roast. The full bodied taste and aroma are GREAT!!

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