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Limited Edition Fair Trade Island Coconut
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Green Mountain Fair Trade Island Coconut
24 Count Box
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A Limited Edition Seasonal treat. Take a quick trip to paradise! Indulge your senses with the lush aroma of sweet, creamy coconut. This Limited Edition treat is perfect for warm days and tropical nights. It's one of several coffees created to capture the flavor of each season. Made with 100% Arabica coffee. Offered For A Limited Time Only!

 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 58 Customer Reviews  
   Island Coconut, August 17, 2017  By Anonymous (Clearfield, PA)
This flavor changed me from a tea drinker to coffee. The flavor is great and I like that it comes in a 24 count. It's seasonal and sometimes hard to find.
   Best coffee Ever!, August 17, 2017  By Penny (Glendale, AZ)(Verified)
I love the flavor and going on my third box. My hubby and I think this is the best.
   Island Coconut, August 17, 2017  By Anonymous (Kennett Square, PA)(Verified)
If you like coconut you'll love this coffee.
   Love this coffee, August 14, 2017  By Anthony J (Brooklyn, NY)
Island coconut is my favorite flavored coffee. Great taste.
   Green Mountain Fair Trade Island Coconut, August 3, 2017  By Dottie Diehl (Pennsburg, PA)(Verified)
This coffee has a nice flavor. I like it for my afternoon break.
   Island Coconut, July 19, 2017  By Anonymous (New Pmynouth, ID)(Verified)
This is very good if you want a flavored coffee and you like coconut!
   Island Coconut Coffee, July 19, 2017  By Anonymous (Lago Vista, TX)(Verified)
If you love coconut and rich, satisfying coffee, this is the perfect coffee for you. It is always delicious and makes any moment special. I heartily recommend it.
   Green Mountain Island Coconut, July 19, 2017  By Anonymous (Waterville, OH)(Verified)
Great as iced coffee
   Green Mountain Island Coconut, July 17, 2017  By Anonymous (Hatboro, PA, PA)
Delicious! Love the smell of this coffee! Not too strong - Perfect roast. I treat myself to this one when it comes out during the year!
   Love coconut coffee, July 7, 2017  By Glenna Hanssen (Davenport, FL)(Verified)
LOVE-LOVE- The awesome taste
of the Island Coconut Coffee.
Feels like I am being bad it is so
   Coffee lover, July 1, 2017  By Anonymous (Galveston, IN)(Verified)
LOVE,LOVE,LOVE! Just enough coconut flavor,that a just the right creamer, dang almost like a dessert.
   Island Coconut, July 1, 2017  By Anonymous (sand lake, MI)(Verified)
This is my all-time favorite coffee. A mild blend, with a hint of the tropics. Wish it wasn't a seasonal flavor. I always have to increase my order if this coffee, to get me through the off season, (which I have never been able to make it yet)
   ISLAND COCONUT, June 24, 2017  By Anonymous (clayton, CA)(Verified)
Love this coffee..if I can't be in Hawaii,this coffee I can pretend!!
   Island Coconut Dream, June 21, 2017  By Suzanne (Kansas City, MO)(Verified)
Love this flavor! I didn't find it to have any of the chemical taste like other coconut flavors do. Wish it wasn't just a summer seasonal, because I could drink it year round!
   Love it, June 19, 2017  By Teresa Bedgood (Corinth, MS)(Verified)
My husband loves the coconut flavor
This is his 3rd order ! of this
   Smells and taste like a vacation,, June 19, 2017  By Pat Greene (Raleigh, NC)(Verified)
The Island Coconut is such a delicious flavored coffee. I love it and drink it every morning. It reminds me of being on vacation , although it is seasonal, buy extra to last throughout the year!! It is by far my favorite!!
   Very good, June 12, 2017  By Frank (Toluca Lake, CA)(Verified)
It's tasty. Just a nice hint of coconut flavor, lots of coconut aroma.
   Coffee is Life, June 12, 2017  By Anonymous (St. Cloud)(Verified)
As a flavored coffee it is my favorite - but you must like coconut. Does not necessarily taste of it but the smell is enticingly coconut - good light roast.
   Coconut Milk Flavor, June 10, 2017  By Joel Klein (Centennial, CO)
This one is mild with a touch of Coconut milk to give it a refreshing taste.
   A favorite!, June 9, 2017  By Ericka (Westfield Center, OH)(Verified)
Every year, I look forward to this seasonal flavor. It's my summer favorite!
   Great taste, May 31, 2017  By Cheryl Hurley (Plainfield, CT)(Verified)
I read the other reviews before purchasing the coconut, and they are so right. Delicious
   Island Coconut, May 25, 2017  By Anonymous (Amherst, NH)(Verified)
I love this flavor but wish it was available all year long.
   Subtle Flavor, May 23, 2017  By Tammy (West Richkand, WA)(Verified)
Slight hint of coconut. Not flavorful as I would have liked...
   For all coconut lovers, May 22, 2017  By LEANN FLOWERS (DUNCANSVILLE, PA)
If you love coconut and smooth coffee, you will be in love with this k-cup. Try it! You won't be sorry!
   Only Once, May 21, 2017  By Patricia Makowski (South Bend, IN)(Verified)
The coconut flavor is very subtle. I consider this a one time buy. At least I tried it.
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