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Donut House Chocolate Glazed Donut K-Cups
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Donut House Chocolate Glazed Donut
24 Count Box
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Chocolate Glazed Donut is a combo that?s hard to resist. A fresh chocolate donut, topped with a sweet, sugar glaze, dunked into your mug. All coffee, no crumbs. If you're lucky, the best cup of joe is right around the corner. You can pick up your brew and a dozen to go. The rest of us rely on the Donut House Collection® -- K-Cup® packs with rich, bold flavor and a little kick to get you going. Good, straightforward coffees that will remind you of the days when you knew what to expect and were never disappointed. Nutritional Information: Our flavored coffees are free of calories and carbs, and have no additional nutritional impact. We add no sugars or sweeteners of any kind. So while our flavors may taste indulgent, they're absolutely guilt-free.
 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 33 Customer Reviews  
   Chocolate carve, July 7, 2017  By Anonymous (VA)(Verified)
This is a GREAT coffee if you need a pick me up in the afternoons,especially. It has just a taste of chocolate and it is delicious. Try it and you will be hooked!
   Coffee lover, July 1, 2017  By Anonymous (Galveston, IN)(Verified)
Good,but not my favorite. Was expecting a little more chocolate flavor.
   Dessert in a cup!, June 29, 2017  By Debbie Helms (Lockesburg, AR)
Have a chocolate covered donut in a cup.
Great for anytime including dessert without the calories.
Just makes you happy feeling.
   No need for the calories of a real donut!, June 29, 2017  By Debbie Helms (Lockesburg, AR)
This is the best tasting coffee. All the flavor of a donut with chocolate icing but without the calories!
Good anytime of the day including dessert.
   Best chocolate donut, June 28, 2017  By Anonymous (Chardon, OH)(Verified)
This is by far my favorite flavored coffee. It is smooth and flavorful. Fills room with smell of chocolate donuts. Can't keep it stocked in my house.
   Best DeCaf every!, June 24, 2017  By Anonymous (Ellsworth, ME)(Verified)
Most decaf coffees simply don't make ittaste terrible. This one, however, is different. Tastes good and NO after-taste.
   chocolate glazed donut, June 22, 2017  By Anonymous (Franklin Lakes, NJ)(Verified)
By far, my favorite coffee flavor.
Rich , smooth with a hint of chocolate.
The aroma is enough to send me to the moon!!!
   Very good, June 12, 2017  By Frank (Toluca Lake, CA)(Verified)
It's tasty. Just a nice hint of chocolate donut flavor, lots of chocolate aroma.
   One of my go-to flavors, June 9, 2017  By Ericka (Westfield Center, OH)(Verified)
Each time I order, I make sure this is on my list. It's subtle chocolate flavor makes it one of my favorites.
   Chocolate glazed donut, May 25, 2017  By Anonymous (Waterville, OH)(Verified)
Great taste. Love those donuts
   Satisfies Sweet Tooth, May 19, 2017  By Anonymous (Charlotte, NC)(Verified)
This is one of my go to flavors. Nice subtle chocolate flavor.
   Very good!, May 18, 2017  By Anonymous (Ellsworth, ME)(Verified)
One of my favorites. Love it.
   Coffee, May 8, 2017  By Anonymous (Papillion, NE)(Verified)
Very good.
   coffee review, May 4, 2017  By Anonymous (franklin lakes, NJ)(Verified)
Chocolate glazed donut has been my go to coffee for several years now.
The rich chocolate aroma is mesmerizing and the taste, need I say more!!
I have tried all the different flavors and none of them compare to the smooth and guilt free taste of Chocolate Glazed Donut.
   Great Coffee, May 3, 2017  By Anonymous (Monroe, MI)(Verified)
I love chocolate flavored coffee. This is the best!
   Love it!, May 2, 2017  By Rick Foster (Ellsworth, ME)(Verified)
One of my favorites...donut in a cup!
   Donut House Chocolate Glazed Donuts, April 27, 2017  By Anonymous (New Orleans, LA)
This is great coffee. The flavor is great for coffee after dinner or at snack time. I love the chocolate flavor. Heck, I love chocolate.
   Coffee and donuts; one and the same, April 25, 2017  By Jeanne Wolfendale (St Augustine, FL)(Verified)
i've always loved Chocolate Glazed Donuts. They're my favorite. Now you can experience the coffee that tastes the same but without the calories. It's the only coffee I ever buy. Delicious to the last drop
   Best flavored coffee, August 29, 2016  By Kim (Washington, PA)
Awesome barely need creamer love it and I don't eat chocolate donuts
   Sweet treat, February 1, 2016  By Anonymous (Midlothian, IL)
Sweet treat before bed
   Pretty good coffee, January 31, 2016  By Marci G  (Bloomfield Hills, MI)
This coffee is pretty good, it was not my favorite, it does smell great when brewing but I did not find that it has the same taste in the cup. I do not find that it has the same chocolate taste in the cup. I did drink the whole box but I probably won't buy it again as I have many others that I like much more
   Amazing, January 31, 2016  By Anonymous (Dayton, OH)
Taste just like it says!!
   Chocolate glazed donut review, October 2, 2015  By Anonymous (Franklin lakes)
Love this flavor. My all time favorite. Always order on bulk !
   Good for flavored coffee, August 5, 2015  By Anonymous (Kingston, PA)
Usually flavored kcups are weak and don't taste like what they should but this one is pretty good
   Yummy, August 4, 2015  By Anonymous (Perkasie)
Yummy coffee makes my morning better! Fast shipping & great prices!
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